Head shot of Suzie

Suzie Smith

Service Development Manger

Hello my name is Suzie and I am the Service Development Manager for the Community Roots team, leading the development of the health and wellbeing services we deliver. I’m based across our sites in Preston and Burnley but travel across our Trust footprint to ensure everyone who lives in Lancashire and South Cumbria has inclusive access to our Community Roots opportunities including our courses, lived experience experts and our HARRI engagement vehicle.

I’m passionate about the impact lived experience expertise has on people’s understanding of health and wellbeing. My role involves developing strategy, creating partnerships and working alongside staff and service users to find out what truly matters to them. I share my own lived experience of accessing mental health and physical health services and enjoy still playing a role in the development of new courses and workshops. Through co-production and partnership work, alongside service users and grassroots community groups and organisations, we’re co-creating the solutions people need to live their best lives.

After work I’m often found with my nose in a book as I’m completing a Master of Business Administration (MBA). When I pull myself away from studying I’ll be with my dogs and family, walking the coast or getting lost up a mountain. My favourite place at home is my garden where I spend hours potting on and pruning, I also volunteer for a local garden restoration group which I plan to do much more of once I hand in my final assignment! 

Hassan Sidat

Hasan Sidat

Operational Manager 

Hi I’m Hasan, I’m the Operations Manager for Community Roots. I oversee the smooth running of our sites at Deepdale and Burnley, as well as our HARRI engagement vehicle. Every day is different, I might be supporting our teams to deliver courses and events, engaging with our local community to find out what matters to them, or supporting the development of our timetables and website.


I am married with three children, with two married off just one to go. I enjoy walking, traveling and DIY

Shaun Everitt

Shaun Everitt

Project Co-ordinator 

Hi I’m Shaun. I’m the Project Coordinator for Community Roots, overseeing our online offer as well as our Deepdale site. I enjoy working with people from many different backgrounds, with all kinds of different lived experiences. I support the co-development of courses and opportunities that promote health and well-being. Our curriculum offers relatable content that may help people with similar struggles. I have a passion for building community resilience through the power of lived and professional experience. Working alongside experts by experience and experts by profession as well as a wide range of partner organisations and local community means we are building a meaningful and responsive well-being offer for all. We are always looking for new ideas and are keen to work alongside people with new ideas and approaches. So if you have an idea, we can work with you to make your idea a reality.

Outside of work, I enjoy running and cycling in the countryside, listening to music, playing the guitar and looking after my three children. I am family focused and when not exercising or studying towards my degree, I love to relax at home with my partner. I am approachable and friendly and love embracing new ideas.


Leshia Patterson

Senior Peer Facilitator

My name is Leshia, I am a senior peer facilitator based at the Chai Centre in Burnley. I mentor peer facilitators working in inpatient services across Pennine. I have always had an interest in working in health and social care. My passion for this came from providing care and support to family members, seeing the many challenges they and myself as a carer faced.

Whilst completing my Social Work studies at University I struggled with my own mental health. This really opened my eyes to the reality overcoming such difficulties. I learnt lots along the way, especially how to help myself and support my own wellbeing. I now enjoy using my own experiences to support others.

During my spare time I really appreciate the little things, I love a good walk in the countryside with my husband and dog. I enjoy cooking, baking, eating out and relaxing at home. I like to exercise, in particular kettlebell workouts. Spending quality time with loved ones doing anything or nothing is what matters the most to me.


Chidinma Akpachiogu

Senior Peer Facilitator

Hello, my name is Chi-Chi and I am a Senior Peer Facilitator supporting peers in the Central and West of Lancashire. I am based at the Community Roots @Deepdale in Preston. As well as supporting peers in central and west of Lancashire, I also support with delivering of sessions.

I am passionate about recovery. I believe recovery is a process and everyone no matter what they have been diagnosed with should be given a chance to recover while providing the necessary support they need and making the environment a conducive place for the process to become effective. We all have stories and need the right support to overcome our challenges in life.

Outside of work, I love shopping, having a good meal, engaging in mindfulness and going on holidays with my family and siblings. I also enjoy drawing and painting with my daughter, playing badminton with my husband and a walk in the park with my family.


Tyler MacPherson

Reception and Administration Officer

Hi, I’m Tyler. I am the Reception and Administration Officer for Community Roots, based at our Deepdale site. As well as welcoming all our visitors, I support the recording of Community Roots data, maintain our booking system and maintain our marketing and social media channels that promote our work. I also look after the general admin for the team, from our webpages to our session timetables. I also support with session delivery as I am keen to support with our person centred approach. 

Outside of work, I enjoy engineering and gaming. Being a story lover I am always happy to listen to other people’s views and opinions. When I am not trying to be story-focused, I run my own online gaming community as it allows me to meet people that I may not have the chance to meet in my normal day to day life.


Asma Waris

Reception and Administration Officer 

Hi I’m Asma, I work at the reception in Chai Centre welcoming everyone in with a lovely smile. On a daily basis, I answer any calls we receive and direct them to the right service. When we are running different courses/classes at Chai Centre, I make sure everything is organised for our partners before they come in. Every month I promote our updated timetable to different organisations.

Outside of work, I love to spend quality time with my husband and our four beautiful children. I also enjoy going out to eat and shopping with my sisters. In my spare time, I love cooking and going on family walks to Pendle Hill.


Parbina Ullah

Reception and Administration Officer

Hi, I am Parbina. I'm working as a Receptionist/Administration Officer at the Chai Centre. My role is to greet service users at the centre attending courses. I have a friendly approach and give out information about the courses taking place within the centre. I signpost service users to other partners to ensure we are always there to help. I input data information and answer general queries face-to-face and over the telephone.

Outside of work, I enjoy going for walks with my husband, reading non-fiction books, and attending local charity events. I have my own lived experience as a carer to, two of my special needs children. It is lovely and rewarding to take care of them both and ensure they always have the right care and support. I enjoy spending time with my husband, special need children and my eldest son.

I enjoy listening to others, always willing to help and support.

Connor Murphy

Connor Murphy

Apprentice Health & Wellbeing Practitioner

Hi, my name is Connor and I am one of the apprentice Health and Wellbeing Practitioners at Community Roots. I am responsible for the coproduction and delivery of the courses delivered at Community Roots alongside supporting the local community.

One keen passion I have is mindfulness and its application to mental wellbeing as I am regular meditator. Meditating helps me stay grounded in the here and now to allow myself to focus on the things that really matter. Secondly, I am a passionate reader of stoic philosophy and Buddhism and try to apply its teachings to my everyday life and stressful times.

Outside of my role I enjoy gaming such as action and adventure and getting out into nature to experience the world around us such as camping in the Lake District. 

Harmony Roberts

Harmony Roberts

Apprentice Health & Wellbeing Practitioner

Hello, my name is Harmony, I am one of the Apprentice Health and Wellbeing Practitioners here at Community Roots LSCFT based at Chai Centre in Burnley. As part of my job role one of my responsibilities is to co-produce and deliver wellbeing courses at the Chai Centre and support the local community. I network with local services in order to work collaboratively and best support the needs of the community.

I am very passionate about person centred approaches to mental health and wellbeing and the application of this when approaching matters such as anxiety, imposter phenomenon, stress, building positive headspaces and all things psychology. Prevention work and psychoeducation is something I am highly passionate about to promote better quality of life and equal opportunities for wellbeing. I believe providing a supportive environment to listen and share lived experiences is one of the most beneficial ways to promote positive change in the mental health and wellbeing sector.

Outside of my professional role I enjoy taking time out to read and journal,  relaxing with yoga and baking and dog walks.

Ian Culshaw

Ian Culshaw

Driver & Engagement Officer 

My name is Ian – My role within the team is driving our HARRI Health Bus to organised events and engaging the general public to promote NHS services. HARRI is a very popular services that provides health information to all our communities in Lancashire south cumbia. We also provide Blood Pressure check, mobile ECG and will sign post the general public to recommended services.

I manage all requested booking for HARRI and inform all our community working partners to join us on our events when possible.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and like a variety of activities, including playing music and engaging in good health by keeping fit and active.